The World’s Highest-Paid Women In Music 2018

In 2015, when Katy Perry appeared on the cover of Forbes after earning $ 135 million in a single year, she knew she had guaranteed her place in the pop star’s firmament, and would never have to worry about falling into oblivion. . “I do not feel that my career is a time bomb,” he said. “I do not feel that I would always have to feed the meter of the business show, I got my place, I”.

Three years later, Perry proved to be safe: she is the highest paid woman in music, earning $ 83 million before taxes during the scoring period. One of the most laborious names on the list, Perry touched 80 dates from his June to June period, which earned more than a million dollars a night. He also managed to find time to serve as a judge on the restart of ABC on the American Idol, supposedly earning north of 20 million dollars for his problems.

Taylor Swift is in second place with $ 80 million. The superstar singer briefly disappeared from social media last year before returning with the release of the new album Reputation, which sold two million copies worldwide in the opening week. The only reason why she did not claim the first place on this list? Most of the dates of his Reputation Stadium Tour stayed out of this year’s scoring period.