The Digital Experience Is Evolving Black Friday

Black Friday, a term that is synonymous with the first day of shopping after Thanksgiving, has become an institution. And Black Friday is still an important sales mechanism for retailers. This year, retailers have begun to “filter” the Black Friday specials digital ads as of Nov. 1 to spur consumers, and they are doing it for good reason. According to a recent USA Today article, most sales still occur in real stores, but online sales are rapidly surpassing store sales of more than $ 1 for every $ 6 spent online this holiday season . , which is equivalent to US $ 124.1 billion.

So it’s interesting to see how Black Friday continues to evolve and embrace the digital experience, especially in the context of the rapid advancement of technology that is revolutionizing the industry as a whole. After all, it’s the technology that has resulted in Black Friday’s online equivalent, Cyber Monday. But if we look to the future, the line between the two events will continue to blur, and the retail experience is likely to shift beyond recognition to customers and retailers. Here are some examples of ways in which this can develop:

Shops without stress.

There will always be physical stores on our streets for those who are willing to face Black Friday in search of a bargain. But with the advent of smart cities and the emergence of autonomous vehicles on the horizon, traffic jams and the search for parking spaces may soon be a thing of the past. However, the physical presence of stores and their Black Friday offerings can hinder the complete transition of shoppers to online shopping, which translates into a commitment: avoid frantic madness and traffic from parking lots to go Shopping in shopping malls and stores, to reduce the madness that Black Friday brings, while still receiving offers at the store. Most likely, the future Black Friday buyer gets out of his car, enters the retail platform, and when he walks past a retail store, his smartphone or handheld device will “explode” with a tantalizing sale offer notification , attracting them to enter

Once inside the store, our future Black Friday buyer will be identified by the Wi-Fi in the store, which also receives their shopping habits, courtesy of the big date. As a personal digital shopper, the store application can effortlessly guide customers to their favorite and preferred items. Even the stress associated with payment is eliminated, since moving methods and digital coins eliminate long queues and process outs. In fact, we are already seeing the elimination of lines and payments with the recent introduction of Amazon Go at Amazon Go stores in Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle, which use a mobile application to register buyers as their purchases are automatically charged. when they leave the store.