Eliminate blind spots with end-to-end visibility

End users, applications, networks, and infrastructure are more distributed than ever before. And that means it’s harder than ever to manage application performance and user experience. Spot monitoring tools are of limited use as they provide information on just one area of technology.

Riverbed’s digital experience management solution unifies user experience, applications, infrastructure, and network visibility to proactively monitor and improve performance. Whether you’re a cloud architect, an IT operations specialist, or an application owner, Riverbed provides the data and knowledge to help you get the job done more efficiently than ever before.

Get a complete view of the digital experience
You need to have a clear understanding of how digital services are performing and impacting businesses. This includes capturing the most important perspective: the end users. The Riverbed solution captures detailed performance analysis across all devices, applications, networks, and infrastructure to take a holistic view of the digital experience of its customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

These metrics are combined and correlated to provide a specific view of the function for all stakeholders, revealing adoption patterns and impacts on revenue, productivity and user satisfaction.

Consistently provide high-performance digital services
Performance issues can arise in any part of the life cycle of software development and complex application delivery chains. But, with a powerful analysis covering all domains, you can proactively identify and resolve problems before they negatively impact end users and businesses.

Unified performance visions improve collaboration between teams when troubleshooting, leading to a faster average time to repair and release their teams to focus on optimizing the delivery of digital services.

Develop frequent and high-quality releases
Finding opportunities for the development of new or improved resources is essential for customer satisfaction and retention. Riverbed provides business-relevant information to help you prioritize development efforts and ensure that new releases continue to meet user and business requirements.

By integrating performance monitoring into its DevOps toolchain, teams can move more quickly without sacrificing quality, detecting and resolving code bugs, foreseeing service behavior in various environments and ensuring that new releases are optimized for production.