How To Build A Multimillion Dollar Business Based On One Simple Rule Of Bridges

Most entrepreneurs want more income, right?
Yes of course. Income is the health of the business. But what about profits?
Well, investors do not like to pay taxes on profits. They prefer to see the funds returning to business growth. So, let’s just say that the recipes are benefits to the company. However, most business owners are confused. They simply do not know the mechanics behind the specific act of “income generation on purpose”.
It’s time to be a clinician. Let’s look at the true science of healthy income growth.
I can see behind the scenes of many companies. I am often surprised by how little is really understood about the precise act of generating income.
You see, most business owners are looking for money. They go straight after that. However, in a strange way, this makes it harder to reach.
The problem arises from our language. The term “make money” suggests that you can go directly behind it. It seems like you can stay more like this.

It seems like you can take a direct action and then the money will be “done.” In fact, the terminology is incorrect. There are many people who erroneously pursue the direct result of money.

Now you can make a model. Or you can make a cake. You put it to work, you build the components, you use a great recipe and the final product is made.
However, money and income do not work that way. Revenue is actually a side effect. A net result of something else.
Let’s see the “cause” and the “effect”

How do you build muscles? You go to the gym and take some kind of resistance training.
Lifting weights build muscles, right?
Lifting weights do not build muscles. This breaks the muscle fibers. It can even damage your muscles beyond repair if you overtake them.
Bodybuilding really happens when you rest, after a workout.
That’s when blood fills your muscle tissue with nutrients to build more muscle fibers. It is where growth occurs and a larger, stronger muscle is formed.
So keep that in mind. The cause was working. The “effect” was muscle building.
The act you do (exercise) does not get the desired result. The opposite act (rest) is what builds the muscle.
Building muscles is actually a side effect of lifting heavy weights.